Dorsal is throwing clothing into the ring in the fight for sharks and their survival. Maligned in the media whilst being slaughtered at sea, sharks are due some much deserved friendly behaviour. Dorsal therefore puts a minimum of 50% of profits into sponsoring selected projects/charities/campaigns that further our knowledge of these amazing animals and help safeguard their future. You can read more about these on the projects pages.

Furthermore, it is hoped that Dorsal can help sharks enter the public psyche in a renewed view, and encourage interest into their intrigue as well as their plight.

You're more than welcome to throw yourself into Dorsal's Facebook page to keep up to date with our antics and get involved. We've got all kinds of exciting future plans...
Read about Co-Existence on the projects pages

Dorsal’s range of clothing is of fantastic quality, and has got you pretty much covered from head to toe to help keep you warm, cool you down and generally look a bit super…all whilst helping sharks. We have separate ranges to suit both the lady and the gent and will be adapting and adding to this range as we evolve.

Please feel free to slide around the online shop, and if you have any questions at all regarding the clothing, please just get in touch and I shall fill your questions with answers.

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Dorsal is currently sponsoring two shark research projects, is a sponsor of the UK based Shark Trust, and has created a sister charity (CoExistence) in order to support the wider realm of marine conservation. Click on the projects below to find out more about each one.

It is hoped that as Dorsal grows it can incorporate more projects, as well as get involved with supporting University studies at PhD level.

If you are involved in or know of a potential project please don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

For anything at all, please just let an email fly or give me a call on the details below. Depending on which one you go for, I will either write back as soon as possible, or pick up the phone as quickly as I can.

I would love to hear from anyone with any comments, questions, problems, suggestions etc, so please feel free to vent your views and ask your Qs...

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